2010 Tournament

The second annual Boston Crossword Puzzle Tournament was Sunday, April 11, 2010 at Harvard University. Two hundred crossword fans from Harvard and the community at large turned out to solve four unpublished upcoming puzzles from the New York Times, and see special guest Will Shortz. Of those attending, 150 registered to compete in three divisions.Attendees and staff also consumed over 500 OREO cookies.

Prize winners

Special thanks

Overall division:

  1. Eric Maddy
  2. Douglas Goodman
  3. Peter Rimkus
  4. Andrew Greene
  5. Judy Cole

Pair solving division:

  1. Deborah Davidson and Edith Mackie
  2. Will Guzick & Toby Stein
  3. Padmini Pillai and Krishna Sampath

Undergraduate division:

  1. Mark Warren
  2. Seph Kramer
  3. Manuel Antunes
  4. Vibin Kundukulam
  5. Michela Desantis

Complete results


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  • To Will Shortz for delighting the crowd as our guest speaker, and for generously providing the tournament puzzles;
  • To our hardworking volunteer judges;
  • To the Harvard Undergraduate Council for a student organization grant, and
  • To Harvard University for making facilities available and welcoming the community


Scoring followed American Crossword Puzzle Tournament rules. It is based on accuracy and speed, as follows:

    1. 10 points for every correct entry (“word”) you entered across and down;
    1. A bonus of 25 points for each full minute you finished ahead of the suggested solution time — but reduced by 25 points for each missing or incorrect letter (but not beyond the point the bonus returns to zero); and
    1. A bonus of 150 points for each completely correct solution
  1. In the case of a tie (which happened this year with 3rd and 4th place overall), the higher place is awarded to the contestant with the highest score on the last puzzle.