2011 Tournament

2011 Results

The third annual Boston Crossword Puzzle Tournament was Saturday, April 23, 2011 at Harvard University. Over 150 crossword fans from Harvard and the community at large turned out to solve four puzzles by Boston-area constructors, witness a dramatic on-stage final with the top three finishers completing a fifth puzzle, and see special guest Will Shortz. Attendees and staff also consumed 420 OREO cookies.

Prize winners

Special thanks

Overall division:

  1. Jeff Schwartz
  2. Matthew Matera
  3. Jan O’Sullivan
  4. Peter Rimkus
  5. Jeffrey Davidson
  6. Marie desJardins
  7. Steve Smith
  8. Ed Brody
  9. Avram Gottschlich
  10. Alice Dutton

Pair solving division:

  1. Wendy Irwin & Laura Thompson
  2. Rick Kennedy & Mike Manning
  3. Jamie Lynn Silver & Mathew Willmott
  4. Maureen O’Neil & Ben Bryanz
  5. Matthew Paronto & Fred Mastromarino

Harvard Undergraduate division:

  1. Rachel Chasin
  2. Seph Kramer
  3. Manuel Antunes

The judges’ handwriting award went to Judy Cole.

Complete results


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  • To the ever-gracious Will Shortz for delighting the crowd as our guest speaker, and for generously providing the tournament puzzles, timer, and finals boards;
  • To the five Boston-area constructors who not only made the tournament puzzles but came for the event (Pat Duggan, Will Johnston, Joon Pahk, David Quarfoot, and Brenden Emmett Quigley);
  • To our incredibly hardworking volunteer judges and scorers (Jordan Bach, Lynn Bishop, Joe Cabrera, Patrick Duggan, Heather Fowles, Katie Hamill, Eric Helmuth, Karen von Haam, Will Johnston, Chelsea Link, Pete Mitchell, Mike Nothnagel, Caroline Pahk, Joon Pahk, David Quarfoot, Brenden Emmett Quigley, Miriam Raphael, Ruth Raphael, Hollie Schmidt, David Sullivan, and Mark Warren)
  • To Harvard University for making facilities available and welcoming the community.


Scoring followed American Crossword Puzzle Tournament rules. It is based on accuracy and speed, as follows:

    1. 10 points for every correct entry (“word”) you entered across and down;
    1. A bonus of 25 points for each full minute you finished ahead of the suggested solution time — but reduced by 25 points for each missing or incorrect letter (but not beyond the point the bonus returns to zero); and
    1. A bonus of 150 points for each completely correct solution
  1. In the case of a tie (which happened this year with 3rd and 4th place overall), the higher place is awarded to the contestant with the highest score on the last puzzle.